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6 Ways to Customize Your Canadian Wedding's Mobile Bar

Having a unique mobile bar & tap truck is already taking what would be your usual wedding reception to the next level. Why stop there? This is YOUR wedding, why not infuse some of the new couples personality or family heritage into the celebration - at the bar! Here's six ways you can customize your wedding to take it to the next level!

1. Custom Beer Tap Handle

A crowd favourite at weddings which feature our beloved mobile bar and beer trucks, the personalized tap handle! Custom beer tap handles provide a way to truly make the bar your own, and a fun keepsake for you, your parents, or friends!

There are many different styles, varieties and materials that can feature your design, so just make sure you ask! It creates a further visual experience around the reception bar!

2. Personalized Beverage Cups

The cup! We use many eco-friendly cups at our events, and many of them find their way into the hands of guests. This is another opportunity to create laughs, group games, and to tell that cringe worthy joke you've been waiting for.

I would recommend that the cups imprint suggest a favourite activity of the couple, a drink they love, or a favourite saying. Anything that creates a talking point will really elevate the experience and create a talking point out of an object that usually serves only a single purpose!

3. Elegant Stamped Cocktail Napkins

The custom beverage napkin is a sneaky addition to a mobile bar. They're often used at most weddings, but the decoration and personalization space is rarely taken advantage of. It's a fantastic opportunity to give those friends and family visiting the mobile bar or beer truck a further chuckle. Please use the space for funny jokes, it is much more memorable and provides a fantastic talking point for us bartenders!

4. Interactive Lawn Games

If you've got an outdoor wedding, what better way to create a fun cocktail hour experience then to have custom games! Cornhole, Connect-Four, Giant Jenga, and kanjam are fun, feature opportunities to personalize the pieces, and are safe for guests to enjoy (well maybe steer clear of kanjam if you don't have a big yard)!

These games create friendly competition, fun conversation, and something to preoccupy the crowds while you get your pictures done after the ceremony!

5. Gifting Idea: Custom Canadian Craft Beer Cans

Our collaboration with The Red Thread Brewing Co. has allowed us to create a first for Canadian Weddings - the custom craft beer can. This is a fun memory for every beer fan, and is totally unique. Your custom design will feature on an actual craft beer made right here in Ontario. The best part is, this is a unisex gift that everyone can actually enjoy, leaving a great taste in their mouths and memories for a life time.

These craft beer cans are economical in nature, and can also be used for corporate gatherings. For 100 cans (minimum order), the price is $5.50 per beer with the custom label. Beer me.

6. Gifting Idea: Homemade Beer Soap

Beer soap is an interesting gift that smells fantastic, looks great and allows you to tie in the bar to your gifting. Beer soap is all-natural and handmade, creating a sustainable and specific gift while being functional. It also provides a great platform for puns like "Brad & Samantha really hoped you enjoyed the BAR" or "Michael & Steve have CLEANED up their act". This is also a good way to innovate wedding invites into something usable!

There you have it!

Take your wedding bar to the next level. The Wheeled Brew can help wow people, and adding small touches like the above will have your guests in awe, without taking your budget out of control. Mobile bars are supposed to create flexibility, bring personality, and deliver quality. Tailored to you- let the good times roll!

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