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While travelling abroad we've visited countless markets that left us blown away by the creativity, eclecticism, branding, and niche services that these market vendors have built. This inspired us to to bring that same creativity, and eclectic vision home, to people across Ontario with The Wheeled Brew.

We wanted to bring something new and unique that would shake up the current status quo! After some impassioned research on what kind of experiences we could create and bring to our local community, our love of beer and vintage vehicles sparked an idea: a tap truck. And so The Wheeled Brew was born, with our first tap truck Howard,  mobile bar ready to participate in weddings and private events in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond in Ontario, Canada! 

Our mission is to create unique craft beer experiences for everyone, driving new memories, fueling big laughter and steering people to come together under the banner of beer. Welcome to The Wheeled Brew!

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Old dog, loads of new tricks

Howard is our first tap truck. He's a 1940 Ford panel tap truck with character to spare. We first got Howard from a classic car collector, and he had been treated well. From drilling and wrapping to mechanical adjustments and cooling system installation, Howard is now in the prime of his life- serving beer, wine and cider as a tap truck and mobile bar to the folks of the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario!