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5 Reasons Your Canadian Wedding Deserves a Mobile Bar

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The mobile bar is a trend that is taking off at light speed, with many options from your standard bar carts to beer trucks and horse trailer bars. It may actually be unfair to call this a trend, as it isn't going anywhere. Our tap trucks and draft carts are among all the rage; a choice rising in popularity. Let's take a look at why Canadian couples and companies are choosing mobile bars for their events!

1. Mobile Bars Create A More Memorable Bar Experience

Eliminate the black table cloth and replace the less than forgetful "snatch-and-grab" bar interaction. A beer truck and/or horse trailer bar creates a unique experience for guests where they usually would have seen nothing special ! These bar setups provide a great photo opportunity for the hosts and their guests from start to finish. For a lot of us, bars (in and out of weddings) have acted as a hub or meeting spot for the start of a good time. Our motto, "Let the good times roll" pays homage to these memorable nights and events, and our trucks (along with some of our friends who own amazing bar setups) create that same hub and meeting point for guests to gather round!

2. Eliminate Stress Without Losing Customization and Personal Feel

A dedicated mobile bar service takes the stress out of decisions such as:

  • How much alcohol do we need?

  • Who should we hire for staff, do you think cousin Randy will bar-tend ?

  • Who is going to pickup the beer? I've got the liquor; oh where is that list?

  • When should we start service?

  • What insurance and permits do we need?

  • Do we need multiple bar stations for our wedding reception?

A proper mobile bar operation will answer (and usually perform) most of the questions and tasks found above for you. When you go through a catering service, the focus is usually on food, and alcohol becomes an after thought. With services like The Wheeled Brew, you get the peace of mind without losing the ability to customize your bar menu and look, ensuring you get the personal feel that you were looking for!

3. Get Beverages On Draft, Eliminate the Bottle Return

An amazing benefit to renting a mobile bar service which features a draft system is that you are able to choose local Canadian craft beer (or your favourite brands), wine, cider and even mixed drinks. This eliminates the need for bottle storage areas, can-crushing and mass returns, while still delivering cold beverages and a variety that can't be beat.

Often times draft beverages capture the pure taste that the brewer intended, which can be affected when serving in cans or bottles. Kegs are also naturally eco-friendly in the sense that they are reusable, the beer's additional ingredients are often sent to farms for feed and in-fact draft wine features far less carbon impact than its bottled compadre!

4. Knowledgeable & Caring Staff

A professional bar team can really elevate the level of enjoyment, and believe it or not, the safety of your event's guests!

  • Knowledge of drinks/menu building- Bartenders can build a menu that reduces wasted materials while providing a flavorful variety for your guests!

  • Friendly Demeanor- True professionals provide a personable experience. At The Wheeled Brew we pride ourselves in our jokes, fun nature, and conversational nature! It brings comfort an laughter to guests, and is undoubtedly part of the mobile bar and tap truck experience.

  • Safety Oriented- Smart Serve training (Ontario,Canada), insured staff and mass event experience means professional bartenders that know how to monitor guest's safety when it comes to consumption and ultimately help to get everyone home safely!

Choose professionals, avoid headaches and extra stress during your event!

5. Flexibility & Bar Experience

You can choose to dress up our mobile bars to fit into the wider theme of your wedding! From custom tap handles to flowers and signage, you can really make the bar your own. We find that adding these small touches of personalization increase the guest enjoyment. Choosing local craft beers or a variety of beverages allows you to support local and create a further experience, especially for guests who have traveled from afar to the event! The mobility of our bars allows us to move them during outdoor events to create an experience at multiple touch-points throughout the day, without a ton of logistics and heavy lifting!

All in all, a mobile bar is a wise investment for the enjoyment of your guests, and you! Our team can help build a memorable bar experience no matter what the event, so you can enjoy it too. We're here to let the good times roll!

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