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Tailgate Toronto: Drinking and Sports Events

it was announced last week that the Ontario government would be introducing laws that could have a significant positive impact on local Toronto breweries aa well as mobile bars and tap trucks like The Wheeled Brew! Here’s a round up of potential changes:

- Tailgating will now be allowed at sporting events ranging from your softball game to facilities like BMO Field (Toronto F.C and Argos), Rogers Centre (Blue Jays), and the Scotiabank Arena (Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors). The Wheeled Brew will be offering a tailgating package to help with the challenge that these venues have with space!

- It was reiterated that Beer and Wine will be available at corner stores! (More potential shelf space for locally brewed craft beer!)

- A possible increase to the tax on wineCities and towns will be allowed to make their own decisions on public drinking in the park. ( Think of the awesomeness- Enjoy your beer and potentially and array of others as The Wheeled Brew serves a mobile beer in the park experience)

- Licensed drinking establishments will be able to serve alcohol earlier in the day as bars, restaurants, and golf courses will be able to serve booze at 9 a.m. (instead of the current 11 a.m.- I’m already imagining the creations brewers will be coming up with!)

- Last call could stretch past 2 a.m. (this one I’m unsure about unless it is after a Maple Leafs win!)

Overall, the new laws will help local brewers and mobile bars increase sales but more importantly further engage with the community. These businesses bring with them a story that has to be shared!

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